About Us


 Mary Bryant is owner and chief instructor of Eclipse International, Inc.®

  • Co-founded Attitudes International, The "New Piper Aircraft's Exclusively Approved Training School" 1991-1998. Sold to SIMCOM.
  • Former Instructor in Piper Training Center and Manager Eastern Region Sales for Piper Aircraft.
  • Former Member, Board of Directors of Malibu Mirage Owners' and Pilots' Association (MMOPA) and Convention Academic Chair
  • MMOPA Safety Foundation Instructor since 1999 inception
  • Former Member, MMOPA Safety Committee
  • Authored column for MMOPA magazine and frequent past speaker at MMOPA convention.
  • Managed Cessna's restart of Cessna Pilot Center program.
  • Held variety of management positions with Fortune 500 and international consulting firms.

 Air Transport Pilot

  • Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument and Multi-engine
  • Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor
  • Type rated in Cessna Citation
  • Has trained in PA46 since 1988
  • Over 4,000 hours PA46 time
  • B.A. Northwestern University
  • MBA University of Illinois-Urbana
  • CPA